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Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have decided to temporarily close London Salt Rooms until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience but hope to reopen once we get updated Government advice. Any questions please get in touch via our Contact Us page. Thank you for your patience and please stay safe during this extraordinary time!



  • Appointments are required and are subject to availability

  • We are delighted to accept your reservation by telephone or online

  • Once your session is booked a confirmation email will be sent out

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your the session for registration

  • Please drink water before and after your session, no food or drinks are allowed in the rooms

  • Supervision is free, you can go in with your little one, anytime he/she has a session

  • Salt room temperatures are between 22-25C, and blankets are available

  • For Salt Therapy you child doesn't need to wear any special clothing unless she or he has a skin condition, when we recommend to wear shorts and a T-shirt, to expose as much of the affected area as possible

  • We provide hairnets and shoe covers to wear during the therapy

  • Salt Therapy is recommended from the age of 6 months

  • Salt therapy is also suitable for expectant mothers

  • You can wear contact lenses during the session because they don’t interfere with salty air

  • You can use mobile devices and tablets, but please refrain from phone conversations and talking

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