Are you passionate about Salt Therapy?

Are you keen to open your own Salt Therapy Centre? Chances are that you, a friend or family member, have experienced the benefits of Halotherapy - and sense an opportunity to work in an area that can make a real improvement to your local community... If so we can accelerate you on that journey; whether you want to open as an independent or use our branding.

From our base in London, we have been proud to offer Halotherapy services to our community for years. We provide a treatment that many of our patrons depend upon and value greatly.

In building up our branch, we have learnt many lessons the hard way: What makes for a good location to open a Centre? What types of customers and ages can you expect? Where do you source equipment from? What does high quality service look like?

Our online presence is consistently among the leading offerings in the UK Halotherapy market. Our branch has a strong brand presence and has built a loyal following of regulars who attend sessions for the long term.

We believe that the future for Halotherapy looks bright. Modern machines have brought this age-old treatment into relevance today, and the UK, as well as other developed markets (e.g. US, Australia), are experiencing a surge of interest.

Leverage on our experience, and we can assist you in setting up your own branch as quickly as possible, avoiding unnecessary costs. Because we also supply our own line of professional-grade Halotherapy machines, we can offer a fully end-to-end support system.

We offer assistance & support in:

  • Branch location identification.

  • Supply of Halotherapy machines, rooms design and machine training.

  • Customer experience and systems management.

  • Branding and marketing.

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