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Dry-Salt Therapy from Home

London Salt Rooms is pleased to offer our own-branded range of Halotherapy devices, HomeSalt.

From the comfort of your own home, you can compliment your in-branch sessions of dry-salt Halotherapy.

Unlike other machines, HomeSalt is dry-salt based. This maintains the 5 micron particle-size and can penetrate deep within the lungs. Wet- or vapour-based machines cannot provide this benefit.

The machine is portable, measuring 236cm(H)x113(W)x70(D). And can be used in spaces up to 4 square metres. It is operated via remote control and comes with a free bag of our pharmaceutical-grade Salt.

The device comes with 12 month warranty (under normal usage) and free delivery!

HomeSalt is available now for £1,499 (equivalent to 3-6 months of sessions in-branch).

You can buy now via PayPal or contact us for alternate payment options (phone, in-branch payment).

We can also provide small enclosures (e.g. Tall Tent) for treatment. Please contact us to customise your order if so.

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